Preparation of 188Re-labeled paper for treating skin cancer

Jae Min Jeong, Yong Jin Lee, Eun Hee Kim, Young Soo Chang, Young Joo Kim, Miwon Son, Dong Soo Lee, June Key Chung, Myung Chul Lee

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For homogeneous delivery of β radiation to skin cancer, we developed a simple method for preparing 188Re-labeled nitrocellulose paper. The homogeneity and stability of the labeled paper were investigated. Absorbed dose estimates were calculated using the Monte-Carlo method. A 74-MBq 188Re-labeled paper with 1-cm diameter delivered 147.2Gy up to 1-mm depth after 2-h irradiation. Animal experiments on tumor-bearing mice showed that 50Gy is an adequate dose for treating skin cancer. Tumors disappeared 7 days after irradiation in all the groups irradiated by 50 or 100Gy. The 188Re-labeled paper provided a convenient, economical, effective, and non-invasive method of treating skin cancer.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)551-555
Number of pages5
JournalApplied Radiation and Isotopes
Issue number5
StatePublished - 1 May 2003


  • Re- tin colloid
  • Re-labeled paper
  • Rhenium-188
  • Skin cancer

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Jeong, J. M., Lee, Y. J., Kim, E. H., Chang, Y. S., Kim, Y. J., Son, M., Lee, D. S., Chung, J. K., & Lee, M. C. (2003). Preparation of 188Re-labeled paper for treating skin cancer. Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 58(5), 551-555.