Pediatric-Type Indolent B-Cell Lymphomas With Overlapping Clinical, Pathologic, and Genetic Features

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Pediatric-type follicular lymphoma (PTFL) and pediatric nodal marginal zone lymphoma (PNMZL) are rare pediatric-type indolent B-cell lymphomas (PedIBCL) that differ clinicopathologically from their adult counterparts. Accurate diagnosis is important to avoid overtreatment but is often challenging. The mutational landscape of PTFL is known and may aid diagnosis, but the genetic features of PNMZL are not well understood. We analyzed 21 cases of PedIBCL according to their clinicopathologic findings and classified them into PTFL (n=11), PNMZL (n=2), and "mixed type" tumors (n=8) showing ambiguous histology. We also analyzed 2 cases of adult B-cell lymphomas showing features of PedIBCL. Targeted sequencing of 121 lymphoma-related genes was performed. The median age of PedIBCL patients was 16 years (range: 3 to 47), and all but 1 PTFL patient were male. All patients presented with limited-stage disease, and only 1 relapsed. There were no significant differences in clinical features among the 3 PedIBCL groups. The most frequently mutated genes were MAP2K1, TNFRSF14, KMT2C, IRF8, and NOTCH2. The genetic features of all groups were similar to the established mutational landscape of PTFL. The 2 adult B-cell lymphomas cases also had MAP2K1, TNFRSF14, and IRF8 mutations, but the clinical features were not typical of PedIBCL. In summary, this study demonstrated that PTFL and PNMZL are similar diseases with overlapping clinical, pathologic, and genetic features; mixed type tumors can also occur. Atypical adult cases with similar histologic features were also observed. Therefore, the disease spectrum of PedIBCL may be much broader than is currently believed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1397-1406
Number of pages10
JournalAmerican Journal of Surgical Pathology
Issue number10
StatePublished - 1 Oct 2022


  • pediatric nodal marginal zone lymphoma
  • pediatric-type follicular lymphoma
  • pediatric-type indolent B-cell lymphoma
  • targeted gene sequencing


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