Skeletons Could Shed Light on Indus Valley Civilization (Archaeology Magazine, US)


Period15 Apr 2015

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleSkeletons Could Shed Light on Indus Valley Civilization
    Media name/outletArchaeology Magazine
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    CountryUnited States
    DescriptionFour 5,000-year-old skeletons from the Harappan civilization have been recovered from an ancient cemetery near Rakhigarhi village in northern India. The well-preserved skeletons were discovered in sandy soil, and the joint team of scientists from Deccan College, the Haryana Archaeology Department, and Seoul National University in South Korea will attempt to collect DNA samples from the bones. “The skeletons of two adult males, a female, and a child have been found. With the help of forensic experts, we will try to reconstruct their DNA,” Nilesh Jadhav, co-director of the project, told The Tribune of India. The results could shed light on the identity of the Harappan people. To read about a related civilization in what is now Iran, see "The World In Between."
    PersonsDong Hoon Shin